• We utilize the most current equipment for the most accurate & effective results.  

       If you have an existing radon system that requires attention or has been damaged in some way I am authorized  to repair, inspect and or upgrade previously installed Radon Mitigation systems..

Upgrades, Inspections & Repairs


" We restore Air Quality in Homes, Businesses & Schools.

   Nothing is more important

than the Air we breathe "


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  • We provide Electronic Radon Tests with Results in 48 hours 


  • Free Builder/Homeowner Consultation for private installation.              


  • Free Proposal.



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       Ken Wyrick

  •   We are Fully Insured ($2,000,000 ) & Certified with The National Health Association   
  • Every System Installation is done by a Certified Radon Control System Technician.

  SERVING: Montrose, Telluride, Delta, Olathe, Paonia, Hotchkiss, Crested Butte, Gunnison, Cimmarron, Placerville, Rico, Ophir, Norwood, Ridgway, Ouray, Silverton, Durango and beyond....

          - Ken Wyrick

Air quality services

Environmental Testing

     Ken Wyrick is your Certified Radon Mitigation & Air Quality Specialist.

 Environmental Testing has restored Air Quality in Homes, Businesses & Schools on the western slope for over twenty years. Utilizing the highest testing and installation standards we can restore your space to a healthy and livable environment in no time!    

        Once the initial test is complete and we have determined that your  levels are over the EPA standard for a healthy living environment, we would request the details of the home or building: square footage, type of foundation, condition, how many floors, occupied or unoccupied, owned, rented, or for sale, in some cases blueprints may be requested.

      With this information we would then put together a detailed proposal. The proposal includes, a description of the most effective system, options if applicable, design, cost & proposed timeline to completion.

       We offer Radon Mitigation project proposals for Free.

To ensure the most accurate and effective system design & installation based on said proposal, it is helpful for me to attain the following information.

  • Square footage of the building
  • Type of foundation
  • How many floors
  • Blueprints is available
  • Occupied or unoccupied
  • Dates, timelines, & availability for installation
  • Any special concerns or considerations you might have

         In cases where some or all of this information is not known It may be necessary to contact the original builder of the home or your city/county inspectors office to inquire the details of the building or home. 
          After mitigation, I install an electronic radon monitor  to ensure system functionality and to be warned of any malfunction such as someone accidentally shutting off power to the fan.

- Dimensions 4.7' H by 3.1' W & 2.1' D

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Environmental Testing

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Based out of Ridgway, Colorado & SERVing most all of the  Western Slope....


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  • We offer a Continuous Radon Monitor for level and emergency regulation.

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  • Every System Installed is certified & guaranteed.