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for those interested in having a  radon mitigation system installed.

             Sub- Membrane Depressurization, also called SMD is another type of an radon mitigation system that uses active suction. This is especially helpful in a homes that have a crawlspace with gravel or dirt floor  as opposed to a cement foundation.  In the process of an SMD mitigation the floor of the crawlspace is fitted with a perforated flexible tube.

           The air channel created by the perforated  tubing is linked to each section of tubing necessary to cover the whole foundation area.  Once the network of tubing is connected and an endpoint or points for ventilation are determined an industrial gas membrane is then placed over the tubing. The membrane is sealed to  the foundation walls & support pilings to ensure a airtight seal of the exposed earth underneath.

         Similar to the SSD mitigaton process, SMD's only distinguishing difference is that instead of allowing the gas to become trapped and collected under a basement slab of concrete before venting SMD mitigation collects the Radon by trapping it under the gas membrane.

                    If you have a home that is just being built in an area that is common for radon we encourage you to be proactive and allow us to install a system while the home is being built. 

This assures you that you will not have to deal with an install when the home is inhabited later on.

It is increasingly popular  to perform radon tests upon the sale of and or purchase of a home.         

                  Realtors &  builders alike are becoming more and more aware of the health concerns of radon and subsequently buyers & renters as well. Installing a system when the home or business is just being built can save you money

and it also gives everyone ( present & future) the comfort of knowing that they are  living and working in a radon-free  environment.




                "You have nothing to lose but the Radon!"



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" There are two main types of Radon mitigation "

"A professionally installed Radon Mitigation system is the single most    effective way to combat Radon Exposure"

* The type of system chosen for your home is dependent upon the type of building foundation present.






                   A Sub-Slab Radon Mitigation, otherwise known as Sub-Slab Depressurization or SSD is a form of radon mitigation that uses active suction from from a point or a series of points in the building foundation. This type of system is often used for homes that have a concrete slab basement or a gradient type of basement foundation.
  Over time concrete can crack and the trapped radon then enters the home.

                The active suction in the SSD  involves an electrical vent fan, an electrical monitoring system, and a venting pipe placed between the sub-slab gravel. The venting pipe and fan create a negative pressure under the slab that then draws the radon through the PVC pipe and out to roof of the house.  It is important to vent as far away from doors and windows to decrease the risk of drawing back in the vented air.

           When the high efficiency  fan runs it has just enough power to prevent radon from gathering under the slab. When utilizing this form of mitigation we always seal the cracks in the foundation to ensure the most efficient sub-slab depressurization. This process assures us that the only point of exit for the radon is the rooftop vent.