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" This booklet is a very helpful resource for the new homeowner, buyer or seller in dealing with Radon; this book

goes over in detail  existing laws,

regulations & solutions ."

Air Quality Investigations

-The Windthorp family Montrose, Co

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Moisture Control systems

radon Control Systems

We can install Certified, EPA approved Radon Control Systems.

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We have installed Radon Control Systems in homes in a day!

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Austin Air Purification Units

Austin Air Purification units  


Moisture Control Systems are the best way to address standing water in crawlspaces.  The instillation of this type of system is similar to the Sub-Membrane Depressurization otherwise know as (Sub -Membrane Depressurization) system or SMD .

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Air quality investigations

- Mrs. Sanderson  Telluride, Co

 radon TESTING

Environmental Testing is a certified retailer of Austin Air Purification units. These powerful units have been used by medical establishments, private homes, schools and government facilities for the purpose of cleansing the air of common allergy causing pollutants & unhealthy chemical and organic, toxic and carcinogenic compounds.                                         Read more about the benefits of state of the art Austin Air Purification systems on the STORE page.

Important things about Radon Mitigation

Moisture Control Systems

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" When we first realized we had Radon in our home we wanted to know more so we could protect ourselves and our
children from the health hazard ".

We provide certified  Radon Testing Services that meet EPA protocol standards. We use carbon canister test kits or electronic monitor to provide you with the most accurate reading of your levels. Testing can be performed during any season.

Let us find the causeand the solution to your air quality concerns.

With our air testing technology we are able to determine what kind allergy triggering chemicals, organic pollutants, toxic or carcinogenic compounds or VOC's ( Volatile Organic Compound )  you may be dealing with.

Radon control systems

Radon Testing

Environmental Testing 

                Don't try to fix a Radon problem on your own! One in ten systems are installed correctly when done by a non-certified homeowner or handyman. There are specific guidelines that all nationally certified radon mitigators follow these nationally enforced  codes and standards can be very complicated for a novice to interpret. These regulations protect the home or building owner and it's inhabitants by insuring the longevity and effectively of the radon system. Applicable standards: EPA-RMS (1994), AARST ASD-RMS (2006) and/or ASTM E2121 (2001-2008).              



              For your own protection it is important to make sure your radon mitigator have current radon certifications and radon mitigation specific insurance, these documents should be included with any radon mitigation proposal. (Common contractor insurance policies do not cover radon mitigation and testing.)                                     



            Keep in mind that Radon levels are affected by the seasons. Winter will always bring higher levels of radon due to the air temprature differential and the vacuum that this creates within the home or building. If you have a system installed in the summer it is advisable to make sure that the system be guarantee for cold weather test of less than 4 pCi/L, so that it will be a  habitable space year round.                                                                                                                                                 

  If timing is of essence, which in many cases it is, it is beneficial to seek out the nearest certified radon mitigator so that you can discuss timely solutions.