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WhY Is Air Filtration  Important?

* Warranties valid on all units with completed & filed warrarnty form and so long as unit has operated only under normal residential use.

A radon mitigation  should always be regarded as the primary approach to radon control. Where source control/ ventilation are insufficient to achieve safe or targeted levels, or if an extra measure of protection is desired, air filtration with activated carbon is an effective complementary abatement approach.

  • Large Particle Filter Removes large            particles such as dust, hair & pet dander.

  • Medium Particle Filter Removes small                to medium particles such as mold                 spores & pollen.

  • Carbon & Zeolite Filter Removes                 organic gasses, and odors.

  • HEPA Filter Removes 99.97%                              of all particles larger than 0.3 microns.

  • HEGA Filter ( High Efficiency Gas Absorption )      Removes chemical air contaminants

+ 700 SQFT of

Purification Power

 What are the advantages of air filtration?

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+ 1,500 SQFT of  Purification Power       

         Healthmate & Healthmate+ are designed especially for chemically sensitive people. The Healthmate series is recommended for new homes to help in eliminating exposure to VOC's, They both reduce the negative impact of household chemicals as well as building material off gassing, formaldehyde & ammonia. Both models have  a medical grade HEPA air filter to catch mold, pollen, and viruses as well as an activated carbon & zeolite filter for organic gas and odor absorption. Healthmate+  goes the extra mile and adds potassium iodide to the carbon and Zeolite filter for a superior  reduction of airborne chemical contaminants. 



       The Allergy Relief model  is a four stage air purification unit that primes filtration with a large and a medium particle filter. A time-tested HEPA, ( High Efficiency Particulate Air) then removes 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns this includes: viruses, bacteria, mold spores. The purification sequence  is not yet complete until air is then forced through an specially engineered cloth of activated carbon that absorbs any chemicals, gasses or odors that remain. This model targets allergies at their source; This unit is most recommended for people who suffer allergies, nurseries and spaces with children.


       The Pet Lover Model, is just that, an air purification system designed for those with pets! This model carries a special blend of carbon to remove ammonia and sulfuric acid from the air as those are common pollutants for pet owners. The Pet Lover model also has a special odor absorbing compound  that is blended with the activated carbon to create a wonderfully fresh, odor free pet friendly home!


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Is Air Purification For New or  OLD HOmes?

     + 5 Year Pro-rated Filter     & Mechanical Warranty*






          New homes have a different set of air quality concerns than older homes.

Newer homes can suffer from VOC's; paint, chemically treated wood, sealants and the natural formaldehyde off-gassing of new carpet, mattresses and furniture.

         Older homes benefit from the use of HEPA Air Purification Systems like Austin for concerns such as: mold, pet dander, (from your pets or a previous tenant), as well as mites, bacteria and viruses that may have entered your environment. Both new  and old homes can improve the quality of air for their inhabitants by utilizing the clinically proven, allergy fighting, Austin air purification system.

$ 765

$ 649 Standard | $ 419 Junior


$ 539 Standard | $ 375 Junior

                         ALLERGY RELIEF

$ 575 Standard,  $ 395 Junior


$ 595 Standard 


         On average most people spend considerably more time inside than outside; This fact is even more pronounced in places where the seasons offer a considerable hot or cold seasonal change.

In hot weather we need A/C and in cold weather we need a heater, both are most often utilized in an indoor environment.

Pet Lover

* Warranties valid on all units with completed & filed warranty forrm and so long as unit has operated only under normal residential use.


How It Works


the Bedroom Machine 

            Austin Air Purifiers have been used by the government, hospitals, homeowners and individuals to filter natural and man-made allergens, chemicals and other impurities from their indoor spaces.

People who have Asthma, COPD, Chemical Sensitivity or Allergies have found considerable relief                  from the use of this air filtration device.

          The Austin Air Purification system uses HEPA filters.

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. This portable mechanical unit  forces air through a fine mesh filter that traps harmful particles and VOC's ( Volitile Organic Compounds ) such as: off-gassing carpet, fresh paint fumes, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke.

            Using a HEPA filter in your home can remove most airborne particles allergens and VOC's that negatively effect our sleep and health.

          The  Austin Air Bedroom Machine B402 Air Purifier is newest model from Austin Air.

Originally created for John Hopkins University Medical School, this system has five stages of filtration.

The first three stages of filtration are  for particulate removal, a carbon and Zeolite filtration for organic gasses and odors follows & then finally the HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Absorption) filter.  HEGA technology was developed by the British military for use against chemical warfare, due to it's engineering it is known to have a very powerful air filtration effect, a few times over what HEPA is capable of. The  Bedroom Machine combines all of Austin's most popular air purfiaction features with the worlds most advanced filtration technology (HEGA); The Bedroom Machine is a great choice for if you are searching for a  powerful and long-lasting purification system for private residential use.


The Five Models:

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+ 5 Year Pro-Rated filter

& Mechanical Warranty*